Powerful Product Pages Close Transactions

How do you turn casual browsers into eager buyers?

By Sarah Barrett

Powerful product detail pages (PDPs) help you use information to close transactions. They are the final touchpoint that help a customer make that crucial decision – to buy or not to buy? Some of the primary benefits of having strong PDPs are:

  • The best product detail pages offer richer information than what shoppers would notice themselves by physically inspecting goods or talking to a sales associate.
  • Details are valuable, but expensive. Ironclad information about your shoppers’ needs will let you make those decisions confidently.
  • Extensive experience with product specs, attribution processes, and governance will make products sell on day 1 and day 1000.

Once you’ve decided to focus some effort on product detail pages, it’s more than a simple tweak. To ensure that your product detail pages actually support your buyer’s needs, at Factor we approach this challenge with a user-centric approach that moves into modeling and design:

  1. We start with a usability evaluation: blending qualitative and quantitative methods, we help you evaluate how your PDP’s are performing so you can tune their design to satisfy user goals and improve carting.
  2. We move into Information Modeling: we model your product data to maximize your ability to fully represent the features and benefits of your products.
  3. We solidify the user experience with some prototyping: we help you create interactive elements that enable you to effectively convey meaningful product attributes with high-density product data.

Not all PDPs are created equal. With our experience in enterprise e-commerce projects (often featuring some pretty technical product catalogs), we make even PDPs with the densest product data easier for your customers to use. We believe that PDPs perform better when they are driven by user information needs and purchasing goals. Our recommendations for structuring the information on your PDPs are grounded in evidence and usability, and are designed to work within information architecture required by your platforms and your teams. 

Have your own product detail page challenge you want to talk through? Contact us!

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