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Human Experience Consultancy

Gain Control of Your Information Layer

Many companies neglect their Information Layer, but it powers Enterprise Search, Real-Time Analytics, Content Strategy, and it’s critical to the success of Digital Transformation. Factor’s customers rely on our methodology and expertise to help them stay ahead of these rapidly evolving demands.

We apply information science to serve the complex information needs of your business and customers. From the systems that power your customer experience to how customers navigate your product offerings, we know how to synthesize and integrate information to improve outcomes for your business.

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From the Team

When “Broken” Search is a Trailing Indicator of Deeper Issues

Often, after digging into projects it becomes clear that “search” is a trailing indicator of more systemic problems. Fixing or replacing a search engine is not always sufficient to address the underlying goals (even though it is necessary in some cases). "Search" projects often morph into knowledge management, content strategy, or information modeling initiatives where the search engine is really the final consumer of the work that needs to be done. Read more »

Recent Work

Webinar: How Advanced IA and Taxonomy can Power the Real-Time Enterprise

Thank you to all who attended our Webinar! We’ll be showing it again on Wednesday, April 10, 9:00 a.m. (PST) Factor’s Bram Wessel and Dana Bublitz hosted a free webinar on Enterprise Taxonomy Management on Wednesday April 3. About the Webinar: How Advanced IA and Taxonomy can Power the Real-Time Enterprise In this webinar, Factor […] Read more »

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