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Learn to trust your data.


To align, we must we must first understand that humans speak different languages. We’re driven by different goals and formed by different experiences. We’re unique in infinite ways.


Once we’re aligned, moving information from point to point requires technology integration, workflow adaptation, language translation, governance, and/or design for different experiences.


Building and sustaining the resourcing, technology, workflows, and strategy necessary to scale communications requires organizational commitment.

Unlock Your Information

We help you succeed by putting your information to work. Aligned Information Strategy unlocks the full value of your sales, marketing, customer experience, human resources, and/or operational information by ensuring more effective connections with each of your intended audiences. Is information even information if it doesn’t properly connect? Or is it just more data lost in a bottomless lake?

Scalable Information Strategy
Revenue-driving Roadmap
Relevant Content Creation
Actionable Insights from Analytics
Value to your Organization

Your Obstacles. Our Inspiration.

It would be great if aligning and connecting your information to your audiences–from one point to another– was an easy, straight line. It just doesn’t always work out that way. Obstacles like human behavior, environmental realities, and technical conflicts may obscure your ability to succeed. Overcoming these obstacles is where we find our greatest inspiration.

Foundational Assessment

Areas of focus in our assessment include analytics, competitors, taxonomy/metadata, SEO, technical systems, user experience, and governance workflows.

Information Architecture & Modeling

These models are “blueprints” that describe scope and structure of the navigation, taxonomies, metadata, or content.

Taxonomy Building

Factor will build or update taxonomies, navigation, and navigation-related facets based on the IA Models and the agreed-upon scope.

User Research

Factor’s user research capability combines the best quantitative and qualitative approaches to develop a deep, unaided understanding of user information behavior, motives, needs and goals.

Governance Planning & Training

Governance and maintenance of taxonomies and metadata are essential for data quality and long-term project success.

Implementation Support

Factor will participate in the implementation process in either an advisory role or as a full participant.

Better Connections. Better World.

After ten years as an organization–and decades more collectively–we’ve seen a few things. There’s a good chance we’ve encountered situations similar to yours. Meeting these challenges head on and helping you align and connect is what gives our work meaning. Because we know that genuine alignment and connections not only generate the tangible results found in spreadsheets, but also, they may become the kind of small ripples that make the world better.

What if you had a product taxonomy with attributes designed so customers can always find what they’re really looking for?

What if there was a way to dynamically connect your products to the content that highlights them no matter where that content appeared?

What if there was a way to provide all your people and systems a consistent set of terminology, so you could compare your marketing apples to apples?

What if there was a way to map all the meaning within your content by exposing meaningful connections by, for, and with your community?


Factor can provide full or half-day instructional workshops at your organization, covering the basics of information architecture as it applies in an enterprise environment.

When Facts & Feelings Don’t Lie.

This is not the work of shortcuts. This work requires patience, empathy, trust, and transparency. It’s the work of partnership and collaboration. And the most successful projects? They always start with leaders who are willing to risk “good enough” in search of something great.

Let’s talk about that gnawing intuition, sneaking suspicion, or the-numbers-don’t-lie-on-the-spreadsheet facts that tell you whatever information needs to align… isn’t connecting efficiently enough.

We Like to Share Our Thoughts.

We know that you might not be ready for any kind of conversation. You might just be on a fact-finding mission. Maybe you want to know more about us. Maybe you want to better understand what goes into Information Strategy. Maybe you’re researching how AI is going to intersect with IA. Maybe you just saw something on LinkedIn and your curiosity was sparked. We like curiosity. Our CEO even wrote about it.

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