Build Omnichannel Experiences by Aligning Information

Is your customer experience seamless?

Aligning information across systems, business units, and workflows is essential for a robust omnichannel experience. How do you provide a consistent customer experience across digital and physical touchpoints? You need to understand your users, assess your organization’s own capabilities for change, and design information structures that can be applied at scale.

Understanding your users

We translate user goals, needs, and expectations into the information architecture necessary to provide the right information at the right time across touchpoints. 

Understanding your capabilities

We identify your technology, resource, and content expertise and design the information architecture and taxonomies that balance your user needs and internal capabilities.  Our goal is to provide a solution that supports your business goals and is maintainable over time.

Designing for scale

Omnichannel projects require organizational alignment across technical platforms, business units, and workflows.  We design and build your information architecture to meet immediate need and capabilities while also setting a framework for future growth.


At Factor, we focus on building taxonomies and information architecture for large e-commerce and enterprise projects, meaning that our entire methodology has been developed to identify the wide range of issues that are necessary to create and manage the information necessary for an omnichannel experience.

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