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Information Architecture: the Importance of a Solid Foundation

An image of a building foundation being constructed, used metaphorically to describe the foundation of something more broadly.

Providing concrete return on investment (ROI) numbers for IA projects is often complicated and difficult to calculate. Successful IA project executions are dependent on a solid foundation. At enterprise scale, IA builds the foundation of an organization’s information infrastructure so that users can connect with the right information across multiple platforms to create the required connection. When the foundation is flawed, the connections don’t happen….

Roundtable Series:  The Business Value of Knowledge Organization Systems

Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) such as taxonomies, ontologies, knowledge graphs, and metadata schemas are critical pieces of infrastructure that help organizations achieve their business goals. This Roundtable series addresses how we can establish the business value for KOS and how we can build the necessary capabilities to deliver business value. This series of three events …

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When “Broken” Search is a Trailing Indicator of Deeper Issues

Often, after digging into projects it becomes clear that “search” is a trailing indicator of more systemic problems. Fixing or replacing a search engine is not always sufficient to address the underlying goals (even though it is necessary in some cases). “Search” projects often morph into knowledge management, content strategy, or information modeling initiatives…