Bram Wessel to co-host a workshop at Enterprise Experience Conference with Sophia V. Prater

Object-Oriented UX at Enterprise Scale

Presented by Bram Wessel and Sophia V. Prater

Object Oriented UX (or OOUX) is a design philosophy that helps designers create experiences that are aligned to the business model, the user’s mental model, and the back-end database model. Misalignments among these worlds are often the cause of many communication headaches for the product team—and usability headaches for the end users.

Bram and Sophia talk through implementing Object Oriented UX at enterprise scale. Topics include: how to socialize your model with stakeholders (be they sympathetic or skeptical), aligning your organization around a core set of information assets, and navigating scale and complexity challenges faced by organizations of every size.

Enterprise Experience Conference

June 10-12 — San Fransisco, CA