Amy Wilcox

Enterprise Taxonomist

Amy Wilcox works to help users navigate vast amounts of information in a simple, efficient and intuitive manner without feeling overwhelmed. Before joining Factor, Amy was at Microsoft for ten years, where she held positions as Information Architect, Senior Content & Taxonomy Manager at Microsoft Central Marketing Research. Focused on enhancing user experience, Amy worked with various stakeholders on improving website and document findability using faceted taxonomies and developing metadata tagging standards. She was also a Senior Search Content Analyst at Bing, where she focused on improving search and news results. She provided improvements to new search features and performed research to increase user satisfaction and customer engagement.
Amy’s prior experience as a web designer, developer, and e-commerce business owner allows her to view solutions to problems surrounding the creation and management of information from different perspectives. She has worked at higher educational institutions including Oregon Health Sciences University and for corporate entities such as 1st Technology Credit Union and Maersk Line. She holds a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Washington.
Amy is a lover of all things craft-related, especially knitting and making handmade jewelry.

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