Roundtable Series:  The Business Value of Knowledge Organization Systems

Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) such as taxonomies, ontologies, knowledge graphs, and metadata schemas are critical pieces of infrastructure that help organizations achieve their business goals. This Roundtable series addresses how we can establish the business value for KOS and how we can build the necessary capabilities to deliver business value. This series of three events …

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Your Content Strategy is an Important Organizational Asset

Most business organizations know they should manage their information and content. It’s easy to sink a lot of time and resources into creating, capturing, curating, and codifying content without realizing any tangible benefits. Indeed, without an Enterprise Content Strategy (ECS), any strategic content management process is like driving without a map.

Lessons From a Factor Intern

Hello! I’m Xavier, and I’m the current summer intern at Factor. I had the opportunity to focus on taxonomy, user research, and data governance. I’d like to share a few tips on entering the IA field for the first time.

Ambiguity in Times of Crises

If you feel like you’re experiencing Information Anxiety right now, you’re not alone. We’ve been trying to make sense of all the COVID-19 information being thrown around. It is now more important than ever that we rely on IA fundamentals to clarify, communicate, and even comfort.