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“We cofounded Factor in 2013 explicitly to focus on the challenge of bringing user-centered design principles and practice to enterprise-scale information problems. That’s what we do.”

Bram Wessel

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Conquer complexity

Factor simplifies and provides transparency to complex information environments.

We believe:

A well structured information layer is a foundational business asset

Mastering your information helps you master your business

Managing complex information is an art and science

Unblock information barriers

Unorganized, redundant and outdated content stifles growth. To truly thrive, a company’s information needs to stop hindering growth and start supporting it.

We believe:

High quality information that is usable, useful and unified unblocks barriers to growth and enables a company to be nimble

Information can be your greatest asset or your greatest barrier. Make it work for you.

Business innovation requires a clear path for progress and information is an essential component of innovation.

Power the enterprise

By mastering a company’s information layer, Factor powers the enterprise.

We believe:

We live in a world fueled by information. Mastering and leveraging that information requires a rock solid foundation.

From AI to search to content management, information drives all aspects of your business.

We put your information to work.

We design solutions to complex messes

Organizations are waking up to the reality that their information is a core strategic asset that has tangible value. Yet without a high-level information strategy, organizations often struggle with their highly specific taxonomies and controlled vocabularies.

Factor will create an information strategy that allows your organization to align around one voice and a single vocabulary by:

  • Developing an information strategy that’s scalable and adaptable to change 
  • Prioritizing cost-saving and revenue-driving activities through a realistic roadmap
  • Optimizing content creation and publishing, focusing only on the relevant content that your consumers value
  • Streamlining data acquisition to enable actionable insights from analytics
  • Realizing the value of your organization’s data and information

We know what it takes for organizations to master their information

Stages in Enterprise Information Maturity

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Download our Maturity Model as a PDF