Sara Ingham

User Researcher & Information Architect

Always one to bridge gaps between disciplines, Sara has played unique roles in her career, often acting as a coordinator and synthesizer of knowledge from disparate teams. She has a background in microbiology and technical support for laboratory supplies and scientific instruments. Inspired to pursue a career in user experience in part by the problematic user interfaces notorious among scientific instruments, she also has a long-standing passion for design and psychology. She bears insight into not only user needs, but the business needs, manufacturing requirements, research, development, regulatory issues, quality, and operational considerations involved in the process of developing software for specialized equipment.

She will argue with anyone who claims that incorporating user-centered design methods into their product development process isn’t worth the time or effort.

She also has a somewhat uncanny zeal for organizing and categorizing information, can type at least 90WPM, and is thrilled to be working alongside the amazing team at Factor.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the Evergreen State College, which is known for its focus on interdisciplinary learning programs and narrative-based evaluation system. She holds a Certificate in User Experience Design from the School of Visual Concepts.

Sara is an accomplished violinist, who has played in the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony, Olympia Symphony, and Olympia Chamber Orchestra.

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