Rob Richardson

Vice President Global Sales

Rob Richardson has more than 25 years of enterprise software and information technology experience, with strengths in enterprise software sales management. His strong track record in growing emerging technology company sales is backed by his ability to identify markets and verticals, build strategic partnerships, and win key enterprise accounts. Rob’s strengths have contributed to the success of Saros — the market leader in document management — leading to the sale of Saros to FileNET and now the IBM P8 Platform; Frame Technology — the market leader in electronic publishing technologies — leading to its sale to Adobe; ChiliSoft — a leader in web application development — leading to its acquisition by Sun Microsystems; and growing SchemaLogic to the industry leader in enterprise metadata management software, now owned by Smartlogic.

Rob has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington and master’s degrees in Business Administration and Public Policy and Administration from California State University, Long Beach; in addition to advanced studies in law.

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