Nate Davis

Lead Information Architect

Meet Nate

Nate has over two decades of experience leading enterprise information and content architecture initiatives. In his role, Nate focuses on facilitating stakeholder and end-user alignment to architect, design, and engineer information-rich metadata and sustainable UI structure.

Nate’s interest in information behavior drives his passion for understanding the relationship between data, content, and human-computer interaction. In addition, his leadership and management background in both Agile and traditional approaches make him adept at supporting highly complex enterprise-wide knowledge and data initiatives.

Nate is a regular contributor to thought leadership and is active in the information architecture community; he has served as an IA columnist, conference co-chair of IA Summit, director of the IA Foundation, and volunteers as a peer reviewer for the Journal of IA. You can find Nate’s perspectives on the practice of information architecture in the 2nd Edition of “Advances in Information Architecture.”

In his spare time, Nate enjoys playing jazz piano. When he’s not “twinkling the ivories” or spending quality time with family, you can find Nate thinking about…information. His recent interests include natural language processing & understanding, conversational user interface modeling, and task automation.

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