Brian LeBlanc

Information Architect & Taxonomist

Brian LeBlanc

Brian has worked as an Information Architect/Taxonomist for more than a decade. He enjoys working with stakeholders to create intuitive information experiences.

As the internet began to take shape, Brian became fascinated by the endless possibilities and frustrated by the constant inability to find what he was looking for. This led him to realize that an intuitive information architecture is the foundation of a successful user experience.

Brian began by learning the ins and outs of constructing taxonomies to frame out information architecture structures. As his skills and knowledge evolved, he began to leverage his SharePoint taxonomy experience to work as a consultant for hydroelectric and pharmaceutical companies, among others. He went on to work for Amazon, first as the sole Information Architect & Taxonomist for Kindle Direct Publishing, and later on Amazon’s Browse team, which maintains the Amazon product graph.

Brian holds a master’s degree from the University of Washington’s Information Management (MSIM) program.

Over the years, Brian has owned his own video production company, and been a film archivist and projectionist. Brian enjoys writing, filmmaking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his wife and young daughter.