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User Research for IA and Taxonomy Design

Factor User Research for Taxonomy Design cover pageHow do you build a good taxonomy? That’s a big question, and it has all kinds of complicated answers. Instead, we’ll ask you: How do you build the right taxonomy? A taxonomy that’s good might not be right for the people who are going to be using it. The right taxonomy will be ... Read more »

Planning for Enterprise Adoption

There are many, many considerations that go into evaluating ROI, but Factor's Sarah Barrett knows of one that can immediately tank internal projects, and isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should be: Adoption. Read more »

Considering the Question

In our latest blog post, Sarah Barrett talks about the relationship between "data science" and Information Architecture, arguing that we need to focus less on the "data" and more on the "science." Read more »

Fixers of Big Messes

Factor LogoFrom umbrella topics like UX or Taxonomy to more specific terms like Enterprise Content Management or Pre-cart Findability, design comes in when someone has a big mess and they need help fixing it. Read more »