Stage 2: Grass Roots

Based on your answers, your organization is most likely at the GRASS ROOTS stage of information maturity. 

Organizations at this stage benefit from engaging IT and other stakeholders involved with the management of technical systems (CMS, DAM, PIM, ERP, etc) to understand the current system capabilities and constraints.

Stages of Enterprise Information Maturity

1. Accidental

Information, processes, and business goals exist in silos.

Integrating information across boundaries only occurs via time-consuming ad hoc processes.

Personalization, cross team collaboration, analytics, etc. are almost impossible due to lack of consistency of information across the organization.

2. Grass Roots

Instances of SME-led or even executive enthusiasm, and empowerment mostly driven by personal heroics at a department level have emerged.

But there’s no coherent view of how to move forward.
Lack of organizational alignment and incremental, tactical focus leads to skepticism and frustration. Opportunities seen & projects defined, but limited traction.

3. Emerging

Initial success synchronizing information leads to optimism, but a unified information strategy is still elusive.

Executives may see the benefits of unifying information and eager teams are developing capabilities, but organizational transformation is still nascent.

4. Established

Organizational alignment, adoption and compliance have solidified.

An enterprise-wide information model is in play. A capabilities, technology and resourcing roadmap exists.

New capabilities can be on-boarded efficiently. There is a rational, orderly governance framework.

5. Mastery

Information is a strategic organizational asset that has quantifiable equity.

It is core to the organization’s identity, business strategy, and operations. 

As a center of excellence, the organization is continuously improving

Information is available as an always on real-time digital service.

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