What We Do

Factor is an information architecture and
human experience consultancy. 

With proven techniques and expert guidance, we can help you gain control over your information layer so you can move your business forward.

We start with an objective, evidence-based assessment, which we use to create a roadmap that details the capabilities your organization needs to manage your information at enterprise scale. On this solid foundation, we create the models –the taxonomies, architectures, and governancethat provide your customers, staff, and management with smarter, better-integrated information experiences.


After reviewing your organization’s existing material, we help you honestly assess your business goals and resources to identify the right challenges to confront. Our tangible assessment deliverables lead to consensus on project goals and success measurement. We have assessment expertise in the following subject areas:

  • Analytics
  • Content
  • Governance & Readiness
  • Taxonomy & Metadata
  • Technology
  • User Experience
  • User Research


Our Roadmaps detail the pathway to get from your current state to your preferred state. This includes all the capabilities your organization needs to develop to get control of your information layer, and govern it as it evolves over time.


We specialize in modeling information, from product models to taxonomies and metadata structures. Often we find it necessary to also model user and customer behavior or prototype the interaction design of an experience in the service of generating the core information model. Common deliverables this includes are:

  • Personas
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Content Model
  • Navigation Model
  • Information Model
  • Prototypes

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