Key People

Creative, experienced, and collaborative, our team works hand-in-hand with yours — from research and design through modeling — to get optimal results that are easy for your organization to maintain.

We are experts in taxonomy, information architecture, and in modeling information-rich experiences. With our expertise and fresh perspective, we provide insights that can help you break through organizational barriers and achieve your business goals.

  • Bram Wessel

    Bram Wessel


    With more than two decades as a user-centered design and research professional, Bram Wessel believes that technology should enable natural experiences for real people.
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  • Gary Carlson

    Gary Carlson


    Gary Carlson helps enterprise-level companies boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency through well-executed information and knowledge management initiatives.
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  • Rob Richardson

    Rob Richardson

    VP Global Sales

    Rob Richardson has over 25 years of enterprise software and information technology experience, with strengths in enterprise software sales management.
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  • Julie Pepper

    Julie Pepper

    Senior Project Manager

    Julie Pepper has more than 15 years of project management experience in a variety of settings, from digital marketing agencies to business consultancies. She brings a strategic focus and a meticulous attention to detail to her craft.
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  • Theresa Putkey

    Lead Information Architect

    Theresa is an expert in Information Architecture, Taxonomy, and digital asset management. She helps clients make data-driven, evidence-based decisions and streamline their internal decision-making.
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  • Erica Chao

    Information Architect & Taxonomist

    Erica Chao has been creating hardworking taxonomies and metadata structures for the better part of a decade.
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  • Amy Wilcox

    Enterprise Taxonomist

    Amy Wilcox works to help users navigate vast amounts of information in a simple, efficient and intuitive manner without feeling overwhelmed.
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  • Dana Bublitz

    Information Architect and User Researcher

    Dana Bublitz is fascinated by how people conceptualize and talk about the world around them.
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  • Louis Spinelli

    Information Architect and User Researcher

    Louis Spinelli is focused on understanding what is needed for individuals, organizations, and societies to benefit from information and technology.
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  • Sara Ingham

    User Research Associate

    Always one to bridge gaps between disciplines, Sara has played unique roles in her career, often acting as a coordinator and synthesizer of knowledge from disparate teams.
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  • Jennifer Long

    Project Coordinator

    As the first administrative employee, Jennifer recently joined the Factor team to manage the internal hustle and bustle at the office.
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